Welcome to camping l’Hostalet

Excellent natural spot where you can get to know the rural surroundings in a lush landscape. You can find centenary trees there and everything circled by fields and mountains.

An ideal place to oxygenate your mind and a perfect and desirable corner to rest. The meeting point of numerous hikers who can stop there to load energy and restart their route.

It can be an ideal space for family camping, where children can enjoy nature and find many different kinds of farm animals.

You can enjoy many facilities all year long, Having benefit from the autumn looking for mushrooms in their surroundings. Living a magic winter with nearby ski resorts and feeling a wonderful spring full of multicoloured flowers in our forests and fields. And also contrasting a warm summer having a pleasant bath during the day to the gentle cold at night.

Come and know a unique and authentic environment full of traditional customs.

Pets are accepted in the campsite and in the holiday cottage provided that they follow the pet local regulations and show photocopy of the current vaccination card.